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Supporters have been providing Sports fans and Clubs with Tifo display materials since 2002. Everyone involved in the company in the US & in Europe comes from a Supporters background ,Working with & Organising fan groups in Stadiums all over the World. We have a wealth of experience working around the World at big events including the World cup finals, European Championships, Champions league, Europa league and in the leagues across Europe. Supporters US cater for Soccer, American Football, Ice Hockey, Basketball and Futsal clubs and their fans.
At Supporters US we think every game should be a spectacle for the fans. We can help you create a fantastic atmosphere at your big Game giving fans and players a real lift. We have an extensive and very well priced range of materials to provide a Stunning Visual to Transform your Stadium or Arena. Our materials and service enhance the Matchday experience and atmosphere creating lasting memories for supporters and players alike.  Supporters GmbH were founded in Mannheim/Germany in 2002 and has developed into a European market leader in Event & Stadium Ceremonies. To discuss what we can do for you please contact our office in Atlanta / Georgia at contact@supporters-us.com.

The fan of today will not only enjoy the event, they want to be part of it!

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