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Product Description

The paper board with customized print from our coated offset printing paper is offered in a thickness of 120 grams per square meter. The surface structure is grippy and allows high stress. Even after a rainstorm, the paper board customized print is still ready for use. The paper board impresses with its noble, slightly shiny and highly concentrated paint application. This is applied according to customer specifications on one side or both sides in the offset printing process. The pages can be designed differently according to customer graphics. Even color gradients and photorealistic prints are ideally feasible in this process. The paper allows the wrapping or folding of the paper in seconds. The fixation with rubber bands is no problem. It is offered in 2 varied sizes. For the standing area the format is 50×70 cm. For the seating area we recommend the oversize size 90×70 cm. Different packaging options are available. Finally, the paper can be individually packed in a polybag. Customized products in special colors, sizes or quantities can be produced on request in our inhouse event factory.

It is the cheapest single price without shipping costs. Please ask specifical