Glow sticks premium XL

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Product Description

The glow sticks Premium XXL are filled with a non-toxic chemical substance and are activated by a single bending and shaking. After that, they light up intensively for about 8 hours, then more hours with decreasing intensity. With their 36.5 cm length and 2.3 cm diameter, the Premium glow sticks XXL are the ideal lighting effect for an evening game in the stadium or in the arena. They want their celebrity’s attention at the concert. This should succeed. The mega glow sticks are so intense that you’ll never have to go home in the dark. On outdoor excursions, the giant glow sticks are ideal as emergency lighting. When camping or at the garden party, they also replace the usual torches. You will not get dirty hands when filling and the MonsterKNIXS glow sticks will light the way for you all night long. For all Star Wars fans, a MonsterKNIXS glow stick easily replaces a Jedi sword. With a good camera, you can even capture the light beam in the picture. The illusion is perfect. Even when juggling put the Mega-glow sticks real highlights. The delivery includes: – 25 premium glow sticks XXL

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Product Features

Colors White#knicklichter-premium-xxl-weiss.jpg;Red#knicklichter-premium-xxl-rot.jpg;Yellow#knicklichter-premium-xxl-gelb.jpg;Green#knicklichter-premium-xxl-gruen.jpg;Blue#knicklichter-premium-xxl-blau.jpg